Grand Trail of Serre-Ponçon

Friday, September 15, 2023

Solo and team start at 10am at Embrun’s lake

164 km


400 participants

(150 in team and 250 solo)

Registration Fees:


One price from December 1st to the balance of all the numbers: 164 euros  


THE GRAND TRAIL DE SERRE-PONÇON, LARGE FORMAT AND TEAM VERSION, WAS BORN FROM THE IMAGINATION OF FRANÇOIS D’HAENE IN 2018 and its desire to return to the roots of the discipline: to rediscover a more authentic, less formatted practice of trail running, with a focus on the need for proper physical and mental preparation for such a challenge, on the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity, on fairness between all participants with logistics provided by the organization refocused on the essentials, requiring management in semi-autonomy,  and a drastic control of registration costs. It offers in its course all the summits which border the lake : Pic de Morgon, Pic de Dormillouse, Mont Colombis, Pic de Piolit, Mont Guillaume. A great trip near the blue sky, like the lake that can be seen all along the route !

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The registration fee includes participation in the event, refreshments and services at the bases of life, rescue, welcome gift and the finisher’s prize.

Online registration here : Grand Trail de Serre-Ponçon


Download the GPX track here
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